"Our whole group is run on an important financial metric called Economic Value Added (EVA), which means profit after the cost of capital is deducted. We have a very strong variable remuneration for a large number of employees which is based on EVA improvement. And that closely aligns with the interest of our employees with that of our shareholders. This has been a very successful endeavour leading to a lot of value creation."

Adi Godrej (February 3rd, 2013) via Business Standard

" 这些年来,国资委充分发挥业绩考核导向作用,对中央企业全面实施经济增加值考核。采用经济增加值考核,意味着包括融资、管理、人工等所有成本去除后的增长部分才算业绩。国资委于2010年开始对央企实施经济增加值考核。经济增加值考核成效初步显现。从第四任期(2013年)开始,我们将经济增加值的考核权重由40%提高到了50%。 "

国资委副主任 黄淑和(2013年3月9日)人民政协网